Since Nepal is an agricultural country, common people of the country have excessive reliance on land. All developmental efforts made for the overall development including social and economic changes, land or land resource is to be directly or indirectly mobilized, and without its appropriate management, building of a prosperous nation can never be imagined. On the other hand, paying attention on sensitivity of common people’s integration with land, it will be the nation’s main responsibility to establish good governance by upgrading judicial access, feeling of security of land ownership, and effectiveness in service effluence.

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Historical Background

In 2021 B. S. a ministry of land reform was set up with 3 directorates:  (I) the directorate of land reform, (ii) the directorate of cooperatives and (iii) the directorate of Cadastral survey. In 2022 B. S. the ministry was enlarged to include three more directorates:  (IV) The directorate of food, (v) the directorate of agriculture, and (VI) the directorate of Land Administration. In 2027 B.S. . It was split up into two ministries: (i) the ministry of Food and Agriculture which regrouped the directorates of Food and Agriculture, and (ii) the ministry of Panchayat, Home and Land Reform which regrouped the other Directorates.

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